Salon : Glowing and well styled hair add a dash to your persona. At Skeen & More, you will find expert hairstylists who after assessing your
  Hair Styling
  Hair Cuts
  Hair Spa

      Beauty Clinic : Style always goes hand in hand with health. So meet the expert cosmetologist for vibrant results for
  Unwanted Hair
  Hair Fall
  Texture Improvement
  Hair - the Ayurvedic way

Nail Art

      Salon and Spa

      Nail Art

  Spa Manicure
  Aroma Manicure
  Crystal Manicure
  And Many More

  Spa Pedicure
  Aroma Pedicure
  Crystal Pedicure
  And Many More

      Beauty Clinic : For dull and brittle nails try our special treatments after meeting our expert doctors.

Face & Body

      Salon and Spa : After enjoying our services at Skeen & more, do not forget to ask the mirror every day: “ How do I look?” And it will say “ You look more beautiful .”

      Facials (45-60 minutes) : Our therapists will help you to choose the right facial after doing skin analysis
  Hydrating Facial
  Anti-aging Facial
  Sparkling Facial
  Precious Look
  Cleopatra Facial

      Make Up
  Day Makeup
  Party Look
  Evening Makeup

  Spa Manicure
  Aroma Manicure
  Quick Manicure
  And Many More

  Spa Pedicure
  Aroma Pedicure
  Quick Pedicure
  And Many More

      Waxing and Eyebrows

      Body Massages ( only for women) [60-90 minutes]
  Ayurvedic Abhyangam
  Deep Tissue
  Tucks ( for inch loss) [30 minutes]

      Body wraps and scrubs [30 – 45 minutes]

      Head Massage: [30 - 40 minutes]

      Foot Massage: [ 30 – 40 minutes]

      Beauty Clinic
  Unwanted Hair
  Stubborn Acne/ Pimples
  Dark Circles
  Wrinkles and Pigmentation
  Sagging Skin
  Stretch Marks After Child Birth
  Warts, Moles and Freckles
The doctors will help you choose out of variety of treatment options right from medi-facials, chemical peels, derma abrasion, Botox, fillers , laser and more .

Weight Management

    Stubborn load of fat? No need for crash diets. Meet expert dietician for scientific inch loss, weightless and improve your BMR to see the miracle.

      Weight Loss, Fat loss for Obesity

      Weight Gain

Bridal & Prebridal

    Happy to be a part of preparations for your big day. At Skeen & More we have devised unique ways for relax, pamper and rejuvenate you from top to toe. So that your skin dazzles and sparkles like wedding jewels.
    Check out our holistic packages.

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